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Default Re: Chris Paul is starting to test my patience

Originally Posted by tpols
Honestly though I watched the game tonight beginning til end and Chris Paul wasn't your problem at all. The clippers biggest problems were:

-Lopez shitting on Ryan Hollins and deandre in iso sets over and over.
-Joe Johnson shooting the ball well
- much better hustle plays by Gerald Wallace and especially reggie Evans who grabbed a bunch of offensive rebounds in the 4th that allowed us to finally get some separation right before the starters came back in.

Dwill honestly didn't play that great. He wasn't controlling the game that we'll, he was missing crucial wide open threes, and in general he couldn't really break down the clips d that we'll.

Paul was running circles around our defense all game getting mismatches with our big men and making our players scramble to rotate to whoever it is was left wide open in the process. It wasn't til the end when he didn't convert on 2 or 3 critical opportunities that I was a little surprised. But you can't expect cp to dominate and make every play every time. No one else on the team was doing shit. Jamal Crawford is easy to guard when you have two big men who can't shoot. Defend for the shot let him drive and hard help or just soft double. And that's what bk did.

DJ did fine and had 12 and 13 in only 24 minutes. Didn't shoot well, stupid fouls etc but Lopez didn't "shit" on a player that only got to play half the game. Lopez is a great scoring center but didn't do much else so that isn't the main reason the Clippers lost.

Joe Johnson had it easy playing against a 6'3 200 pound SG most of the night and that was definitely a big factor.

Haven't been keeping up with D Will this year and frankly don't care enough about his play to criticize it. This is supposed to be CP3's year to finally get something significant done where he has zero excuses and so far I'm hating what I'm seeing. Last year he looked so incredible, this year he looks so average and easy to stop at times that it worries me.

I just get this bad feeling that he's not going to be able to just suddenly flip it around.
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