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Default Re: The Lakerbot is assembled!

Originally Posted by kennethgriffin
denial is a wonderful thing

its whats kept christianity and every other man made religion relevant since the advancement of modern day science through carbon dating through geological bone fossils and dna

if it can make people believe in a book that says the world is flat, the first people were 6 thousand years ago and there was a jewish zombie levitating magician that was conceived through ghost sex with a virgin and god... then i'd imagine denial can also help someone whos just trying to ignore the greatest collection of talent in professional sports team history
The old testament is meant to be read as metaphor and allegory. Jews have never believed the earth is actually only 6,000 years old. And an accurate hebrew translation never actually says that. It is only Christians 2000 years ago who decided to take this book of parables and allegories literally and then base their whole way of life around this bizarre literal interpretation.
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