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Default Dwight Howard has fun in first game back in Orlando

For the relentless punishment Dwight Howard meted out on this franchise and these fans, for such an inglorious exit and ultimately a spectacular return on Tuesday night, there was still such an immense part of him desperate to win back everyone.

All around the Los Angeles Lakers' bench, the fans harassed and heckled Howard. His eye contact with these people was unwavering, his cute responses determined to diffuse the anger and remind them of the good times here, of the way they once cheered him, of the way they did love him.

"You [bleeping] suck Dwight!" the man beneath the basket with the baseball cap screamed.

"You [bleeping] suck!"

Howard laughed and mouthed back to him, "I'm having fun I'm having fun."

And then, Howard climbed back off the end of the Lakers' bench, marched onto the floor and obliterated these Orlando Magic. Once again, he broke everyone's heart here.

-- Yahoo
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