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Default Re: Please tell me why Malone > Duncan

i don't know if karl really does have an argument against timmy anymore.

he was a superior scorer, and while having stockton helped him tremendously, if you watched karl, you know he's was virtually unguardable one on one in the low post. not that tim isn't, but tim can be covered. z, nene, camby, and verajo all did a good job one on one this year. karl really was basically a must double when he caught the ball near the blocks.

before this year's playoffs i would have said he was a vastly superior passer, but having seen tim dissect team defenses in over the spring / summer, i've changed my mind on that.

rebounding is close, though i think i'd trust timmy more to secure an important board (i'd take charles or dennis over either of them on this point though).

in terms of defense and leadership i don't think there's even a hint of a doubt that duncan is superior.

both have had some crucial free throw choke jobs in the finals, but by and large duncan has come up big in the clutch and karl hasn't.

i'm an old school guy and most of my faves are from the 80s / 90s, but i can't rank duncan any lower than the best pf ever. just my opinion though. maybe someone else can find a better argument for the mailman.
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