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Default Re: Please tell me why Malone > Duncan

And you're counting out Stockton (top 3 pg all time) and Hornacek who was a tough defender and all around player, AS WELL as a good scorer? Stop it. Both Stockton AND Hornacek could and DID hit many tough shots.

I listed Horry and Finley additionally to Manu and Parker. Who did Malone have besides a past his prime Hornacek and Stockton? Byron Russel who could basically do nothing but defend and hit an open jumper? He was a poor man's Bowen. Ostertag could do nothing offensively. Rookie Howard Eisley was the backup PG. He's been out of the league for years now. Shandon Anderson as the SG backup. Antoine Carr, Adam Keefe, Greg Foster, CHriss Morris. Malone's team consisted of the big 3 and scrubs. Duncan's team consists of the big 3 and very good, veteran role-players, including former all-stars.

The Jazz were only good because of Stockton and Malone, who were 34 years old by the time the league had degenerated enough for them to make the finals.

It's well known that Duncan has sacrificed a lot of his offense for the greater good of the team.

yeah, and Malone's scoring was bad for his team? Maybe Duncan "sacrificed" touches because those would have been less efficient than his teammates taking responsibility? No matter how you twist it, Duncan is not neat Malone as a scorer. Malone scored 25+ ppg for 12 straight seasons, excluding the lockout season. The last time TD got all the touches and scored a lot was last year against the Mavs, and they lost.

Anyway, this argument is far too subjective to have any positive outcome. You cannot accurately quantify the differences in their offense/defense. It's a fact though that Malone is a far superior scorer. And you pretend like Malone did not create open looks for his teammates. Like his teammates did not feed off his presence on the court. Malone wasn't a Kobe-type scorer that freezes his teammates out for a large part of the game.
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