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Default Re: Everyone has lost their mind on Lebron...

Originally Posted by niko
Because Jordan is Jordan because of his impact and his play OVER TIME. Not for a moment in time. Legends are made over time, not in a second.

And this thought that no one is comparing MJ to Lebron is stupid, we have several threads on the board's first page. Are you kidding?

I'm not even saying he can't get to that level, i'm saying i don't get the need to say it's over. The season is over, Lebron won the title. He is the best ever, like his career is done. ITS NOT DONE.

Let the man work and admire it as he goes.
Also I only see one thread you're referring to and it's "LeBron is on MJ Level agree?" which doesn't mean he's better than mj, or come close career wise.
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