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Default Re: Chris Bosh's Wife Adrienne Booty on the Beach (Photos)

Originally Posted by Akhenaten
no, that's just juvenile silliness

my comment was more about how hyperbolic and vitriolic in nature white men's responses/opinions typically are to a woman proportioned like CB's wife.

it's a matter of inculcation
I happen to find both amusing and fascinating at the same time

it's not about fitness or fat vs thin either, as you have black women who are in tremendous shape who have HUGE backsides, rotund thighs and hips

there is something about women with very pronounced body parts (particularly the lower torso, as many white men love big breasted women), that many white men find garish to point of dissonance

this woman is 200lbs, I'm certain the responses would have been the same if it were her posted instead. I just find it funny, yall can reserve the KFC and welfare jokes I wasn't trying to hurt anybody's feelings
that first pic woke my little dude up. My god those thighs would hit that multiple times...
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