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Default Re: Chris Paul is starting to test my patience

Originally Posted by Fudge
Russell Westbrook and a draft pick for Chris Paul. Lets get this done. Imagine WB and Griffin on a fast break... The most athletic team of all-time, easily.

I'd do it for sure. Because I know that when Griffin gets all passive... Westbrook will have no problem being THE guy and jacking up 30 shots. He may not take them but at least he won't back down from it.

Westbrook and Rondo are two PG's I'd take right now for CP3 straight up. I think both might be a better fit for the team for different reasons. Westbrook because he would be fearless go to player who has clutch game as well and stay aggressive every time down the floor. Rondo because he would make Blake explode as the 1st option and get the 3 point shooters better looks.
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