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Default Re: Danny Granger - any interest?

The only piece I would be willing to move for Granger is Smith.

I doubt Indiana would want to take Smith and mess up the balance they have right now. He would really need to take a backseat on offense for that team to work. But damn...I couldn't even imagine that team defensively with Smith.

Now would we want Granger. He is a REALLY risky proposition. Hasn't been fully healthy in a long time.

Reasons for:
He spreads the floor better than Smith would.
He isn't a temper-mental player.
If he gets injured, it helps us get a better draft pick in this upcoming draft.
We would have a true SF

Reasons not:
He is always injured
Even if healthy, I don't know how much he can bring to the table at this point.

I'd probably not want him.
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