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Default Wilt: I would average 70 in the 90s

Wilt in an interview with Bob Costas in 1997.
Costas: The 25-year-old Wilt transplanted into today’s NBA. What do you do?

Wilt: It’s simple for me. It may be a little difficult for Russ, but it’s simple for me. I think it’d be easy for Russ. You see, with the new rules which all slant to help the offense. Now, when I get the ball, instead of having two and three people and Russ on me at the same time, I’m by myself with one guy. I would love it. I would love it. Um, 50 points, maybe 60 points, maybe 70 points a game. Cause I have nobody…wait, wait…You asked me a question, right?

Costas: 70 a game?!

Wilt: Well, you know I was talking to Russ about the last 10 games of my ’61-’62 season right before I scored 100 points, I averaged about 71 points a game.

and, as a bonus let's invite Bill Russell into the room.

The clip gets even better, however, when Russell decides to join in on the fun when Costas inquires about his Celtics teams squaring up against the best teams of the past “five, six years” aka Hakeem’s Rockets, but more so the Jordan/Pippen-led Bulls.

Russell: We would’ve still won 11 championships. I haven’t seen a team in the last 10 years, 15 years that could beat us.
starts at 4:30

Crazy how narratives are just re-runs of retreads.....
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