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Default Re: would chris paul have won the title in place of isiah thomas?

Originally Posted by SHAQisGOAT

I'll just put it at this... You can definitely make a case for Chris being better at taking care of the ball, even having the edge in passing BUT Zeke had better "1on1 handles", better in iso situations.

And also gotta emphasize how Isiah LED those group of guys now known to everybody as the Bad Boys, Zeke was their heart and soul.

Both are GOAT level talents for 6'1" or shorter guys but while Zeke was more flashy, I think CP3 was just better in terms of skills and complete game. Of course, Zeke was a killer and clutch as hell and that carries huge weight but in terms of breaking down set defenders and creating something out of nothing, CP3 was GOAT level. I have seldom seen a guy this good on a play by play, game by game and season by season basis. He just maximized almost every possession. All he needs is a chip and he skyrockets up the all time great list.
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