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Originally Posted by supersmashbros
I agree...btw is anyone a Celebheight user? I got the Chris Bosh/Dwight Howard pic from that site.
He's a pic of the 6,4 3/4" MJ and the 7,5" Yao (note those are their barefoot heights)...
I haven't seen a pic of Yao standing next to somebody who's noticably taller than him...
Here's Yao and Shawn Bradley...they both seem to the same height...

And Shawn Bradley trying to block Yao

btw, I think 7,4" Mark Eaton might have the same shoulder height as 7,5" Yao. He has a very short neck and broad high shoulders unlike Yao who has narrow droopy shoulders and a long neck .

Yeah, I go on that site all the time out of curiosity. It seems to be the most accurate.
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