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Originally Posted by PP34Deuce
also look at the torso, Howards torso is up higher. with his longer arms he plays bigger than Bosh.People read into height too much.

Eddie House and Iverson are the same height, but iversons torso is up higher showing his height mostly in his legs, with his wingspan that allows him to play 3 inches taller.
I didn't notice Howard's torso is higher than Bosh's, but thanks for pointing that out . It's pretty obvious if you look closely I suppose (because Howard's waist is slightly higher than Bosh's).

btw, contrary to popular belief, the difference in neck length between ppl is more apparent than real. The main reason why some ppl seem to have short or long necks (excluding double chins) is because of shoulder elevation/height. Somebody like Dwight Howard or Shawn Marion only appear to have a short neck because of having high or square shoulders. Somebody like Bosh or Yao only appear to have a longer neck because of lower or sloping shoulders.
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