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Originally Posted by Luigi
It helps you see over the defense ala Magic for the sweet pass.
Otherwise, it just makes people wish you played bigger. Standing reach is where its at. Wingspan helps get into the passing lanes and block shots/release shots. It does take a condor a bit more time to get his arms up than a T-rex, but a shorter guys with longer arms makes up for any delay with quicker feet (shorter guys can respond quicker laterally).
I have the same built as Dwight Howard (except I am about a foot shorter and 130 lbs lighter) or Shawn Marion. I am only 5,9"-ish but I have the 'high shoulders syndrome'. As such, it looks like I don't have a neck because my shoulders are so high, square, and broad.

I was in the park with a 5,11" guy on a basketball court. Despite being a good inch taller or more taller, my shoulder height was the same as his. My wingspan is nearly 6,2". As such, my standing reach was the same as his (we actually compared) . I may only be 176 cm (in the morning, but in the late evening because of daily height strinkage I am only 174 cm ish), but I can touch the 8' (243 cm) of my apartment without leaving the floor at all because of my relatively long arms and high shoulders!
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