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Default Re: When its all said and done, Rondo will go down as the greatest pure PG in NBA history

Rondo is an elite passer, but there are flaws in his overall game, especially in terms of scoring. As someone already mentioned, his jumpshot has definitely improved since he first entered the league, however the percentages are misleading. Teams still don't respect his shooting, so a lot of his jump shots this year were the result of coaches daring him to shoot by having defenders go under screens.

One of the reasons why the Celtics have been successful without Rondo is that Pierce has been running the offense more. Pierce's playmaking ability has always been underrated. Pierce's scoring is still very well respected and he still has the ability to draw double-teams when handling the ball on the perimeter, or suck in the defense through his penetration, which creates good looks for his teammates.

I'm not one of the people who feel that the team is better without Rondo, but I was disappointed with the way he was playing this year. He was dominating the ball too much (which was either his fault or Doc's) and playing lazy defense. The team has multiple playmakers who are now being utilized more, so the ball movement is better. They're also getting more transition baskets do to no hesitation outlet passes, whereas before, if Rondo didn't grab the rebound, then he would immediately call for the ball and bring it up himself.

At this point, he's still not a franchise player but if he can improve his offense and play consistently good defense like he has in the past, then the Celtics might be able to put a championship team around him, when Pierce and KG retire. It's highly unlikely he goes down as the best pure PG in history, though.

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