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Originally Posted by SupermanOnSteroids
every time an incident like that happens, the league's image takes a hit. now with this list, the league can exonerate itself and just place all the blame on the player. fine him, punish him, call him a bad apple and stay in the clear itself. PR management.

yeah, the only problem is that Stern is putting the whole league under this cloud of suspicion and he is actually hurting the leagues image by treating all players like they dont know any better...

its places that have high incidents of criminal activity, IE - the police being called. its pretty simple.

Police get called to almost every club at some point or another.... I know of good clubs where there have been shootings outside....but that doesnt mean the club is a bad establishment or that trouble is the norm...

if you go down Old City in Philly, the clubs are great, good security, no illegal activity, well maintained..... but there have been incidents... doesnt make them a bad club....

Barkley supposedly groped a female in a club down there...the club itself is great, not a threat in any way....but an incident occured there... Iverson got shot at outside Glam... Glam is a wonderful club, as is Bleu Martini(next door) but something happened in front of these clubs..

sh*t happens...

I like to see how they come with these trouble spots

Thats why it should at least be a team by team issue if anything because locally people know the situation better
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