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Default Re: The Stats Proove That Tom Brady Moves Ever Closer To Becoming The GOAT Quarterback

Originally Posted by QUIZZLE

All of these numbers are flawed to me. There is no denying he is a great quarterback but no one will ever know how much the cheating helped him to get these numbers.

He will never be the GOAT in my book. Ever.

Zero respect for Belichick either. Grade A Asshole.

0-2 post-Spygate record for the cheating Patriot cheater assholes

The Steelers cheated in the '70s by using steroids. Both the team and the NFL later admitted this was true.

The 49ers cheated in the '80s by using illegal procedures to cheat on the roster rules. The NFL fined the 49ers for this later on, and the team's owner was pretty much disgraced by it.

The Cowboys filmed practice sessions in the '90s, just like the Patriots did later on. Both the Cowboys and the NFL would admit this after Spygate.

So, using your logic and criteria, every great team from the previous 4 decades should have an asterisk next to all their titles, and Montana should have one next to all his as well.

Seriously, grow up.

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