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Default Re: Chris Paul or Melo?

[quote=A Roc 23]If you're looking at the past, present and future you take Ford for all of those. In the past he's been better then Outlaw, in the present he is playing better then Outlaw (look at season numbers) and in the future Ford will be better (he's the starting point guard now and in the future whereas Outlaw's future is off the bench).

First of all, in the past T.J. Ford has missed A LOT of time due to injury in his career. Remember the spinal cord injury of 2004? He almost suffered another such injury this week against the Hawks. His style of play puts him in a situation to get hit over and over and over again but his body type can't take all that contact. He's like the anti-Iverson in that way.

Putting that into consideration, he is less likely to have a healthy career from this point forward. Also, he is blocked by Jose Calderon in Toronto in terms of minutes.

Outlaw, on the other hand, is younger and less suspectible to injury. He, like Marvin Williams, is a young player who came into the league and was over his head. This year, he is putting it together and he is making good on his potential. There's no way he sits behind Martell Webster (who has struggled after a hot start) for very long.

Like you said, Ford in the past has been better than Outlaw. But right now Outlaw is playing better and in the future he will have a longer NBA career thanks to T.J. Ford's frail body type. Outlaw has potential, is living up to that potential this season and will be good, for longer, than Ford.
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