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Default Re: Chris Paul or Melo?

Originally Posted by Younggrease
I hate broad statements like that..its not always true..Kobe is always gonna be a better choice then CP3....Lebron is a scoring SF and he is a better choice...Healthy D-Wade is a better choice as well...

In general he is right. Kobe is not a general player, he is an elite player that transcends such statements because he is an elite scorer.

Personally I'd take Kobe's 30/5/5 over Paul's 20/10/5 because of how much Kobe changes the game with his scoring potential.

But in generall I'd take a 16/8 from a steady, smart point guard over 22 points from my steady, smart small foward as long as their wasn't some glaring difference like FG% or turnovers (defense aside). Great point guards on most teams just have more effect on the game then great small forwards unless you're talking about someone like Lebron who is an elite player who effects the game in such a way that is above almost every player in the league.
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