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Originally Posted by hotsizzle
no need for kobe haters to get mad at kobe and kobe groupies to get upset with arenas. its just time they meet, they'll makeup. kobe shouldnt have started it but now it just turns into an entertaining convo

kobe: you're unconsious, took terrible shots and knocked them down
arenas: you're my favorite player in the L
kobe: I meant it as a compliment
arenas: kobe says i take lucky shots so im yelling "quality shots"

Players have been talking crap about Kobe for years now. His 81 point performance. 62 in 3 quarters on Dallas. etc. I don't recall Kobe ever making a big deal about it or even giving those other players any mention in the press. He just ignored it and went about his business.

So what if Kobe took a shot @ Gilbert. Some of you guys are getting your panties all bunched up about nothing.
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