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Default Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Lebron23
This situation can be compared to the 2007 NBA Draft like Kevin Durant has some Amazing Collegiate Stats compare to Greg Oden but GM's and NBA Scouts select Greg Oden as the no.1 overall pick because he is a big men and talented big men are very rare in a draft class compare to the number of great PG's and SG in an NBA Draft. Unless Ricky Rubio average at least 22.3 PPG and crown as a defensive player of the league like Allen Iverson who is a scorer in College and a 2 time Big East Defensive Player of the year I might conclude that Rubio will be the 2nd PG to be selected as the no.1 overall pick in the NBA Draft.

But we also have the Beno Udrih, Carlos Arroyo and Roro Ukic of the NBA Draft and Bobby Hurley who failed in their full expectation and hype. So by picking a PG in the draft you are guarantee that he will be the Franchise of your team. But in a very logical sense i guest Greg Monroe will be the unanimous choice for the no.1 overall pick because like Beasley and Oden he got the skills, size and the talent that can lead him to become an NBA ALL Star in the near future.

Where'd you steal this from. Nah kidding man, good argument as long as its yours.

Anyway, Monroe, firstly has gotten no exposure. He's an unkwown player. Rubio has been heavily touted since he was extremely young. Rubio has played at the International Level, won every statistical category in the same tournament, and put up 50+ points in the European Final. That's some crazy facts if you ask me.

Now, he's playing 17-20 minutes a game in a Division 1 basketball team in probably the second toughest league in the world (debateable, but if it's not second then there's no chance it drops further then third.) and Monroe plays in High School, and doesn't seem all that different from every other high school big man whose touted as 'the next big whatever'.

I do have a couple of questions though because I'm kind of interested in this player --

A) Is Monroes height accurate? Or does he do what every other play does and inflate his height numbers.

B) What's his team record?

C) What's his stats?

D) Any acomplishments so far?
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