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Default Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Lebron23
Hey Ms. Atthedrivein Ricky Rubio is not 6'5 not 6'4 he is 6'3 because i have seen a picture of him standing with his teammate Rudy Fernandez who is only 6'4 3/4 ( NBA Pre Draft Measurement) their is no way he is taller than 6'3 maybe 6'3 1/4 in a good day.

Dominating Big men always rank higher in the NBA Draft beside Monroe is already 6'10 their is so many Europeans that are younger than Rubio and better than him if he was a star quality player if must at leasts play for 29 minutes in the Euro League.

You will just kiss the @ss of Greg Monroe when he get the no.1 over all pick in 2009. Rubio might not even make it in the NBA maybe in 2010-2011 because he also have a buy out contract to his club.

Let's not turn this into a 'you're a liar' thing. Just talk basketball.

Anyway, from reports off ESPN and a couple other sites, it's said that he's 6'5 so i choose to believe that. Rudy Fernandez is 6'6 according to himself, so i choose to believe that too. So the logical thing would be that Rubio is shorter then Fernandez.

Rubio is one year of out high school man, he's young as ****. There aren't many players with the crazy skills this guy has. I mean he dominates, absolutley dominates on the National level. That's unheard of. He has a triple double game in the U17 championship or whatever, and now he's leading the Spanish League (tougher competition then the NCAA) in stealing whilst not even playing half the game. I've never even heard of this Monroe guy until now, and I doubt anyone who doesn't live in his area hasn't either. The guys say some pretty lame things and predict players a little high. Hell, they had Chris Taft at number 2/3 a couple of years ago and where is he now?

It doesn't matter when Rubio comes into the league, the point is, he's IMO a better prospect then what Monroe apparently is according to your sources. So, no I wont be kissing anyones ass at the NBA Draft 2009.
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