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Default Re: 2012-13 EC predictions (before the season starts)

1. Miami
2. Boston
3. Indianapolis
4. Philly
5. Chicago
6. Brooklyn
7. NY Knicks
8. Washington
9. Atlanta
14 Charlotte

I actually struggle with 9 through 12.

I feel solid on Washington making the playoffs - though other disagree here. Talent - experience - and an improvement to middling defence much like the Raptors were able to accomplish last year will move them up. Walls turnovers are a combination of "lacking talent to pass too", "trying to do too much on his own" and "sophmore jinx". With Nene / Okafur in the low post - lots of pick and rolls for Wall. Beal doesnt need to do much more than float to the open spot, stoke a wide open bucket or 5 or 10, and learn to play some dedicated D against guys that want to school him. The last will be hardest.

Toronto and Detroit - so much depends on deliverence of "upside" in multiple players - even moreso than other teams in the conference with rookies. Demar Derozan and Brandon Knight. Val and Drummond. The big men need to show up and also "get the calls from the refs in their favor" not just against them. Both have big men options that can score - Barges/Monroe.

Toronto should be ahead because KLow is a proven PG even though Tay is a proven swingman. Tay is older than Jesus - Klow is in his prime.

Both have cap (Detroit if it amnesties Charile V next year) and both will be interesting to see how they develop over the next 2 years.

Both teams will knock down a number of teams from above once the talent is proven or another player is added. Note most of the teams above have no cap room for 3+ years ! (Atlanta could have if they blow everyone off roster).

Should award points for this end of season

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