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Default Re: The best player in 2009 Nba Draft

Originally Posted by wang4three
You missed my point. The point isn't that Duke can produce NBA stars, the point is that the NBA is too hard to get into. You can't hold it against a college because the NBA is that hard to get into. Duke gets a bad rep from people cause people think it's magically easy to get into the NBA. What college guarantees stardom in the NBA?

You want to go on? You omit players like Carlos Boozer, Elton Brand, Chris Duhon, Shane Battier, Luol Deng, and Mike Dunleavy who are all doing pretty well for themselves.

Regardless you miss my point. Just cause Duke has had duds from their college doesn't mean that it'll reproduce them. If anything it only attests to how hard the NBA is.

The year that Brand came out that whole Duke starting lineup got drafted in the first round, all of them busts. Brand did okay but still somewhat of a disappointment for a first overall pick.

In 2002, Jay Williams and Mike Dunleavy both from duke got picked two and three after international phenom Yao Ming. They got picked over the likes of Caron Butler, Amare, Prince...and boozer who got drafted in the second round. I dont see how this helps your point. Williams completely flopped. Dunleavy sucks for a second overall. And boozer proves my point of how messed up Duke's system is for gaging NBA talent.

See the thing is, you're missing MY point. I know the NBA is goddamn hard to get into. You're not opening my eyes towards the world of elite professional athletes. But Duke which has a pretty solid NCAA program is notorious and has a track record for producing players that get drafted higher than they should be. Which brings me back to my initial argument, Henderson has no business being in the top of this draft class. That is all.
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