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Default Re: Morey "It's factual Harden is a better scorer than Jordan."

Originally Posted by tontoz
You should look at his record. He inherited a team with Yao and Tmac as the best players and lost both to career ending injuries. He has turned over the roster several times but has never had a losing record, in the west.

This comment was ill advised at best but he has a very strong record as a GM.

Heís a good GM, never said he wasnít. But heís not anymore successful then plenty of other GMs that arenít considered these analytics gurus. Comments like this basically says he 100% relies on analytics, when it shouldnít be that way since the game is clearly more nuanced and complex then that, but nerds eat it up.

And yes of course obviously analytics is a big reason heís successful but talent is going to be correlated with advanced statistics anyway, so itís not really saying a whole lot.
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