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Default Re: The Official Russia Witch Hunt Thread

Originally Posted by MaxFly
Rudy Giuliani is the gift that keeps on giving.

Sounds like they are finally ready to throw Paul Manafort under the bus. We know that Rudy isn't really altogether there... but he's acting as Trump's PR guy and it's unlikely he goes on television and says this without Trump's go ahead.

Then again, it's Rudy, so who knows.

i think we've established pretty well that rudy is the guy they send on tv right before some bad news breaks so he can break it first and try to spin it in a positive light. he was the first to reveal the emperor's directing of the porn star payments after months of maga denial.

only question now is- what bad news is about to break? obviously it has to do with the c-word.

either way, many people are saying rudy is expecting the mueller (barr?) report to be "horrific"

can't wait.

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