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Default Re: Kobe Bryant could easly win MVP this season if he transitioned to point guard

Originally Posted by kennethgriffin
people really are hypocrites on ISH

they say kobe doesnt deserve MVP in 2006 or 2007 cause he needs the #1 seed

so he gets it and now all of a sudden records dont matter

The guy who made a thread about 37 year old, post-injury Kobe winning MVP "easly" by switching to PG for a shitty roster thinks other people are being ridiculous. That is rich.

Btw, there is only a 1 game difference between CP3's Hornets and Kobe's Lakers but the Lakers had a much better team around Kobe. Nobody said they needed to be #1 seed, but making the playoffs or being a lower seed simply doesn't cut it. You made a straw man's argument by acting like others say it must be #1 seed when nobody has said that.
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