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Default Re: Kobe Bryant could easly win MVP this season if he transitioned to point guard

Originally Posted by T_L_P
He has one MVP in his nearly 20 year career.

He couldn't have easily won an MVP at any point in it, let alone now when he's shit.

kobe could have easly won mvp in 2003 had the voters used 1988 criteria ( jordan also had 50 wins, best stats on a team with a good record award )

kobe could have easly won mvp in 2006 and 2007 had the voters used 1976 criteria ( kareem 38 wins, best player award )

kobe could have easly won mvp in 2009 had the voters used 2005 nash criteria ( had help, less stats than shaq, but top record in tougher conference and was more skilled )

its really all dependent on the criteria that seems to change to whatever agenda voters are pushing
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