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Default Re: How to beat the big dude.

Originally Posted by L3B120N J4M35
my problem is not being able to use my left hand

Three steps at how I got good at going left.

1. When I was chillin, sitin on my couch i would have my ball in my left hand and I would sway it back and forth until I felt comfortable extending the ball far away from my body.

2. Spent a few hours just standing flatfooted(a foot or so away from the hoop) throwing in finger rolls and any weird left handed layups I felt comfortable doing with my right hand.

3. Spent an entire practice session sprinting full speed at the hoop, jumping off my right leg and throwing in the layups i practiced flat footed.

There may be better ways to practice it but the best advice I can give you is break it down , try to master each part of the finish.
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