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Originally Posted by MilBucksFan
Ok, your probably right.. TJ Ford will be in the league for a long time But... the notion that he will be a allstar like his team mate Michael Redd is not so likly. WHY? you ask? Its because simply he is too short. You can practice and get stronger and all that but what you can't do is get taller. Unless Stotts reverts back to an up tempo pace TJ willl struggle here in Milwaukee. In TJ's rookie year 2004 when we had Mason it was a show to see TJ pass the ball on the break for Mason's aweing the crowd with his dunks! Remember back then? Will TJ become a good player yes, UNLESS its a fast pace instead of half court. The injury he suffered prevented him going strong to the hoop last year. He needs to get that fear out him in order for him to shine.
Even though you bolded "unless," it was the wrong word to use there. You meant "but only."
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