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Originally Posted by MilBucksFan
The reason he excelled in his rookie year was because the pace was high tempo, With Mason on the court he allowed the team to be high tempo. Last year with Magloire they had to play half-court and we Bucks fans saw TJ's weaknesses were. He turned over the ball way to much. He is quick but he is also short. His height hurt him big time in the playoffs while detroit lid him up for 30+ points. He was great in college and showed that he was an all-star calibur player in 2004. BUT THAT INJURY that cost him the 2005 season which he came back from last year, he will NEVER be the same again. He will not have 10 assists a game that he should. Or at least try to. I will give him 3-4 years than he will be out of basketball for good!

Funny how only ignorant Mo/Bell jock riders believe garbage like this. Oh well. You'll be very disappointed.
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