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Default Re: Lack Of Development

Yeah, I was going to post something today and just noticed that you did lol. 3-6 since Jackson came back. The Pistons are sitting in last place in the division. And while with the exception of the Cavaliers we're all within a few games of each other I knew this was just a tough division going into things. We're all going to beat each other up. I like the young talent the Bucks have. Parker and Giannis are better than Detroit's young guys. Indiana has a solid roster. George is obviously better than any player we have. Chicago is on a downward slide but they've got veterans that will keep them winning some. I think without some major development we're stuck in mediocrity. Drummond hasn't taken the steps we needed him to on the offensive end. Embiid has only played a few months in the NBA and is coming back from injury and looks a million times better on the offensive end. We had high hopes for Stanley. He looks the part physically but hasn't got it going. There's no big time players available via trade. The one thing we have is assets that we could potentially move but I don't see what good it would do. The only bright spot lately has been Leuer...
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