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Default Re: Official #16 NBA Player Of All Time According To ISH

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
then explain your criteria for David Robinson...who at no time was the best at his postion, are even def the second best.

At least Kobe has been deemed the best sg in the game for some time and by his peers and many deem him to be the best player in the game...

Being the best player in the game at any time(or arguably) is big thing...Something that guys like D-Rob and Malone,Isiah, Hondo, never were

best player in the game wtf Tim Duncan holds that position down sorry!

you cant throw Kobe in the top 15-16 based on talent thats plain stupid your basically ignoring the fact that he hasn't accomplished anything post Shaq!

why have him ahead of guys like Malone or Robinson those guys got their numbers great numbers i might add and led their teams deep into the play offs Kobe hasn't done squat and thats a sad but very true fact!

being the best player doesn't account to greatness sure Robinson may not have been the best player so what Hakeem was only the best once MJ left Robinson also had more competition at the center position who has Kobe really had to beat out to be the best 2 guard in the league apart from T-mac what
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