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Default Re: Utah AK Trades-Houston/Chicago

Originally Posted by boozehound
your frontcourt could still use some shoring up. your 4 rotation is a 6'5" hustle guy (who I love) and a very solid international player who may or may not have an immediate impact on the team. AK could play the 4 (its probably his best position), allowing memac to start at the 3 and more playing time for bonzi, francis james, etc ( which I think would work well in an adleman system, esp with pointforward mac on the scene). That 2-4 would be so versatile (wells, mac AK) and would kill on the boards.

FIRST AK would get dominated in the west by the likes of boozer, elton, tim if he plays the 4, bad idea

SECOND why would we trade our best 3 point shooter when we NEED shooting. makes no sense

THIRD i would put wells at SF instead of shooting guard.
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