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Default Re: Utah AK Trades-Houston/Chicago

Originally Posted by boozehound
Hmmn, Ive just seen two reasonably solid trades IMO and wonder what Houston and Chicago fans would feel (jazz fans, feel free to chip in your negative comments. ****ing Morons, mormons )

First off, Chitown
Ak (13.7 mil) for Noc and Noah (10.7mil)
This Presumes that AK would be playing the 4 (which is wehre he is awesome - utah before last year, Russian team this summer). Not necc. an inside presence, but it would allow a very solid defensive team to maybe get out and run a little? Regardless of last season hes still got lots of offense (outside of a midrange jumper - shot 48% or so last year, his worst year)

Can't trade Noc until Dec. Might also have to include a third player from Bulls-say Duhon to round out the contracts. Chi would want a draft pick since giving up 3 for 1.

Chi: gets AK47, Second round pick
Utah:gets Noc, Noah, and Duhon

Bulls look something like this

Not to bad if ever could be done. Bulls bench takes a big hit though.
Utah is winner in that situation IMO.


Houston trades Shane Battier, Luther Head, Rafer Alston and Bob Sura's expiring contract to Utah for AK 47 and Ronnie Brewer

my .02 in bold
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