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Default Re: Free Agent Hopefuls

Originally Posted by StateProperty
Sixers said they have no interest in Humphries and with the Wright trade that eats up about half the cap space. They did say they're still in the market for a backup PG.

Papers are speculating a trade in the works with Iggy Evan Harkless Thad/Nick Young and Wright all on the wing. Not to mention a lot of 1 year deals like Young and Wright are attractive trade pieces. If not, then youre still adding cap space for yourself next summer when the FA market is better.

Their goal they said was to get bigger and more athletic. Adding 2 6'9" SF's in Harkless/Wright certainly do that, along with Nick Young being a lot taller than Lou/Meeks. Shooting also improved.

Rebounding/post presence is still the weakness, hope to see a trade. I'd love Hickson, maybe a team would be interested in a Hickson/backup PG sign and trade deal for Iggy.

I'd probably be fine with that Iggy trade if we got a good back-up PG along with Hickson. I'm really interested to see what kind of value we get for him if he gets dealt.
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