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Default Free Agent Hopefuls


Sam Young

N. Young

With holes to fill at backup PG and starting PF (assuming we don't want to start Thad, Moultrie or Lavoy here ) where do we go? Reports are we have about 7 mil in cap space.

Power Forward

Kris Humphries is potentially the best option, and the Philly papers were talking a good deal about him coming hear, though that was all "dream scenarios". Any deal with him would need to be backloaded with our '12 cap space.

JJ Hickson would be a huge add at PF, but does he get over 7 mil somewhere else? He's still just 23 or so.

Antawn Jamison would be an okay plug in. He'd be a good stop gap until finding a real replacement for Brand, but then again we could just start Thad who has a similar style.

Carl Landry is an efficient scorer, lacks as a rebounder, but fits in the price range.

Options are slim to say the least

Backup PG

Aaron Brooks - 3 seasons removed from being a 19 ppg starter. Would add bench scoring/shooting, and after playing his last 2 seasons overseas/NBA bench he could come at a discount.

Ramon Sessions is more likely to get a starting job for some team, or go to a team where he can compete for that job. Don't think he'd be interested in coming here

Derek Fisher would provide veteran presence along with championship experience. I see him going to a contender, but an article of mutual interest between him and backing up Kyrie Irving makes you wonder.

Delonte West is expected back in Dallas now that Terry moved on. Playing college ball in this city and being closer to home (Baltimore) could bring him back east, though unlikely. Career 45%/37% would help a ton. Which Sixer has the hottest mom?

Nate Robinson isn't a PG but he can score in bunches. He did average a career high in assists (4.5) last year.

Leandro Barbosa can also score though he can't run an offense. I'm sure Collins would prefer to just have the ball in Turner or Iguodala's hands when Holiday is out.

Gilbert Arenas - Daaaaamn homie. In high school you was the maaannn homie. The **** happend ta you?

I had high hopes for Jonny Flynn and he's let me down. A solid rookie season was followed up by 2 injury plagued/miserable ones. Still just 23 and should be cheap.

Mike Bibby is garbage these days and often injured. Dad also played for us and spent time as an assistant here (Mike born in Cherry Hill). I really expect him to retire.

Baron Davis is out for the year already. Moving along...
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