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Default Wonder if Mavs can get CP3 or Dwight

The Mavericks will have to overcome a money mountain to convince Chris Paul or Dwight Howard to come to Dallas.

The collective bargaining agreement gives their current teams a tremendous financial edge this summer, allowing them to offer five-year deals with annual raises that are 7.5 percent of the first year’s salary, as opposed to the four-year deals with 4.5 percent raises the Mavs and others can offer.

In Howard’s case, it’s a difference of $30.4 million. In Paul’s case, the difference is $28.2 million.

Dig a little deeper in the numbers, however, and the Mavs (and Houston Rockets, for that matter) can make a case that the offers would be a lot closer than they appear.

California millionaires pay a 10.3 percent state income tax. The great state of Texas doesn’t levy a state income tax on its citizens.

-- ESPN Dallas
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