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Originally Posted by hotsizzle
Jan. 22, 2006: A sluggish stagnant Los Angeles Lakers team was down by double digits (14) to the Toronto Raptors going into halftime. Kobe Bryant was as Lamar Odom describes him dead silent in the locker room, with an expressionless facial gesture. What happened after that is history. Kobe would take the court and single handedly bring his team back scoring 55 points in the second half to end the night was an astonishing 81 points on 61% shooting. The defecit that was 16 turned into a victory by 18 (122-104). What started out as a disaster for a Lakers team/fanbase turned out to be a memorable night marked by true greatness.

Thank you Kobe Bryant!

I'm watching the game even as we speak on. NBATV, began 1:00pm Easter Time
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