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Default Re: What is D.Wades worth? HYPOTHETICAL.

Originally Posted by Mass Debator
If you were an owner and need to hire a worker, do you look at the person's resume for the past 5 years or do you look at what they did last year? What has K-mart done in the last 5 years to deserve to be in a position that Wade is in?

If you hire K-mart, you know he's a role player capable of hitting shots. If you hire D-Wade, you're hiring a proven winner who makes game changing plays. You're kidding yourself if you think the Heat would trade Wade for Martin straight up this year or even for the next 3 years. They would even have second thoughts of trading Ray Allen for him straight up right now. It's not even about stats half the time. 13 games in and Kevin Martin is averaging 23 points. He'll end up averaging 19/2/4 on 43% shooting and no defense. Good player and good fit on the T-Wolves, but he'll never have the same impact that Wade has in the locker room or on the hardwood.

Btw, Wade made like $3 million in his first championship year. He was underpaid then. Now being overpaid based on performance just evens things out. He deserves every penny because the Heat agreed to pay him. The only time I'll knock a player for his money is if he doesn't try anymore and is careless about winning. You can call him overpaid, but he's definitely earned it. If Wade is at the end of his contract and is asking for $20 mil, it'll be a different story.

Never did I say trade for Kevin Martin...I compared them based on salary and production, and please don't use past years resume as credit. This isn't an office position where it's mainly intelligence and calculated/educated risk factors making sound decisions, which only gets increasingly better with experience. This is a sport where the timeline of a players peak is limited, in DWade's case, cut short by injury and his style of play.

Two very, very different, scenarios

As for him earning it, that's exactly what needs to be looked at...what is he doing to earn it? What does paying him more than $8 mil a year do to your franchise, much less the $20mil option? Hamper it as Wade will be underperforming and hurt more than he plays like he's being paid to do.

From Wades view, he surely wants that $20mil...but just as Miami took the chance on him, he has give a little if he stands by his loyalty words. Restructure your 5th yr and ensure your TEAM continues to compete for the Finals over the years. If he's selfish and takes the option next year, I personally don't resign him fir more than the vet minimum bcuz he preferred selfishness over overall greatness.

I'm cut throat on my good as Wade WAS, it doesn't mean shit going forward if he can't contribute to the betterment of the organization, goes for every player too not just DWade.
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