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Default Re: [OT] The Score's Tim and Sid to FAN590?

Originally Posted by kaiteng
I am The Score's Tim and Sid: Uncut podcast fan for a long while, since its debut to be exact. But I just noticed today that the show has abruptly ended. I still haven't listened their finale podcast yet, but I tried to find out why one of the most popular Canadian sports talk show in podcast form ends so sudden. I found out that there is a rumour that Rogers empire has bought out both Tim Micallef and Sid Seixeiro from the Scores to permanently take over 1-4 PM spot, which Chuck Swirsky's show used to be on, on FAN590.

So, finally the last two remaining well-known, regular on-air personalities of mid-2000's Scores are now gone. Cabbie to Bell Media i.e. TSN. Tim and Sid to Rogers.

The show might be back very soon with a 3-hours show, which is a good news, but I'm gonna miss Sid's cluster F bombs.

Not surprisingly, Gord Stellick has left 590 to go to HNIC (he was currently doing the 1-4 slot).

The Score is slowly going under. They lost the NCAA, they're slowly losing the NBA, they lost their Sirius Satellite Channel (To Rogers' Sports Express, which replays 590 stuff). The Score seems to have whittled down to WWE, poker and horse racing. They have a real strong online presence, but the with the departure of Tim & Sid, the writing is on the wall.

This was reported a couple weeks ago by TSM.
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