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Default Re: Rodman: Durant is selfish

Rodman is an admitted absentee father that pimps himself out to a dictator, serenading Kim Jong Un on his birthday. He might as well have walked out in the wedding dress. It's a joke for him to call Durant selfish for just wanting to change the narrative on his career. He knew that people that actually know basketball don't give his rings the same level of respect players of his caliber normally get when they win rings, he wanted to prove he could bring a team up and took on a challenge. I would never root for Brooklyn but definitely respect his decision. That Warriors team took all suspense out of the NBA (be real, if they didn't get hurt Toronto gets swept). Glad they've come back down to the playoff pack and we have a little bit of mystery.

Also funny to see people talking about how Rodman didn't have talent. Rodman was listed as 6'8, strong, and had monster leaping ability. The talent advantage you all think Durant has is really just that Durant worked about a trillion times harder on his skills while Rodman just lifted weights and ran. Neither guy would deserve to be called lazy but realistically if Rodman was 6'3 you never would have heard of him.
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