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Default Re: Raptors vs. Warriors Series Thread (NBA Finals)

I'm surprised so many people are picking the Warriors. With Durant, sure, but he will miss some and possibly all of the games. Yes, they are 5-0 without him, but only one of those games was against a team arguably as challenging as Toronto, and only Game 1 vs. Portland was an easy win. The Warriors without Durant have been pushed to eke out wins mostly against a team that isn't as good as Toronto. If they fall behind by double digits, don't expect them to come storming back the way they did against the Blazers.

Game 1 is crucial. If the Warriors win, they will feel comfortable giving Durant more rest. If they lose Game 1, they will be under great pressure to win Game 2, as even with Durant, winning four out of five is difficult. And if they go down 0-2, they will probably rush Durant back whether he's ready or not.Maybe Cousins will make a difference if he comes back before Durant, but he doesn't fit with the kind of game the Warriors have been playing without Durant.

And as far as the rest factor goes, if anything, Toronto has an edge. Four days is plenty of rest, and not so much that they will get rusty, as the Warriors will in nine days.
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