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Default Re: Recent LeBron James discussion (merged topics)

The Lakers won fewer games than any team in the league over the last five years and it shows. This is mostly because Kobe left the organization in shambles by demanding a max contract while having 17-win seasons and 41% FG seasons. This is pure evidence that he truly is the lowest impact player with a max contract we've ever seen. Joe Johnson moved the needle more than ChuckBe.*

The New York post writes:

A look at the smoldering Lakers mess Kobe Bryant left behind


Bryant is leaving the Lakers after the worst three-year stretch in franchise history ended with the worst season ever for the 16-time NBA champions. Los Angeles went 17-65, four games worse than last seasonís previous nadir, and missed the playoffs for a club-record third straight time.

Still, the question remains: Can LeBron clean up Kobe's 5-year mess?

I say he had a small chance, after all it's not easy to repair 5+ years worth of damage but if anyone even had a shot it was the King himself.
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