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Default Re: Giannis Antetokoumpo Greek 6'10" Point Guard (7'4" Wingspan) "Hottest Draft Prospect"

Originally Posted by alexd
i m not talking this year. delk did too when he played with panathinaikos and that proves nothing actually.i actually got some points about what i say you just call people names i guess you are troll.winning in 3-5-10 games doesn t mean that a whole league is better.olimpiakos won euroleague last year so greece has the best league in europe?that s just dumb my friend.i like the fact that you try to promote greek players and euroleague as well but don t sell it too high.d league is completely different than 2nd division america they got a completely different philosophy about s a matter of taste which one you like more.but clearly they are better trained there than here.better training = better team = better basketball= better league.we got many examples jaric went to the nba and got buffed like a truck.peja too.many good players have passed from d league like farmar,lin gortat.and remind me where farmar plays now?2nd division in greece?nope.he went to turkey for goods 2nd division most players don t even get paid because of bad management.get your facts right

Yeah Delk did it, but why did you bring him up? That was years ago and he barely even played. He was like the 15th man of the team.

And you are a troll. Anyone that says D-League is better than Greek 2nd division is trolling. Either they are retarded and ignorant, or they are trolling. If you really are Greek, then you should know better. So that means you would be trolling.

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