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Default Re: Kobe "After losing by 20 we canít be laughing around" PIC

Originally Posted by DukeDelonte13
Orl. Dwight was a different Dwight. I think he's become jaded. I feel like all that FA dwightmare sh*t f*cked with his head, it seems like he has this sense of entitlement and everything is going to be easy for him. I wonder how much of these issues are back related and how much of the issues are mind related.
when van gundy made him look like an asshole after exposing him on tv for who he truly is, an immature spoiled asshole only caring about money, howard started to flinch. Since then he s psychologically damaged, weakened.

Also he obviously dont plan on staying with lakers considering the way he acts since he s there. How can you believe it can work with such a loser playing with kobe who s a ball nazi, a perfectionist.
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