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Default Re: Paul Pierce off the bench

Originally Posted by boozehound
terrible. Good team defense starts and ends with the 5. You have no one on the squad who can provide that paint protection (not KG, hes a help defender at his best and easy to push around/through). That was the biggest issue with the perk trade. Not that hes the best center in the league or even close, but he was the backline of that defense and they had no one to fill that gap once he was gone. Look at how MIA beat them, by driving the paint and having no intimidating presence there.

We lost to miami because once KG got to tired to keep rotating,helping and sealing off the paint Miami was getting right to the rack. We need a starting center who can dish out punishment and help KG protect the rim.

Garnett can do it for 30-35 minutes nowadays but he needs help back there. We get a defensive center, Jermaine plays the bench role move a couple other pieces on the bench and were right back in it

and a giant WTF at everyone saying Pierce needs to come off the bench because yall have to be kidding me

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