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Default Re: Heat Fans: Chris Bosh For Anthony Davis?

Originally Posted by LBJDW305
And that's why your not in NOH front office

your a dumbass.

sure lets take the guy whos proven up in toronto that he cant do jack shit as the leader and put him in the west on a rebuilding team and see if he can lead them to the promised land?

helllllllllll no does NO say yes to this trade. davis has the potential to be one of the greats. im not saying bosh isnt good but with bosh everyone knows what they are getting. with davis the sky is the limit.

thats why you dont trade davis for bosh. the whole idea is laughable. lets throw a bosh on a rebuilding team over the top prospect in the draft.

the hornets dont need a bosh type player. they need a howard/shaq/durant. not a 2nd tier guy they need a alpha and bosh is no alpha but davis sure as shit has the potential to be the man

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