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Default Re: Is this the worst NBA article written in the history of Journalism?

First of all, nothing Simmons writes should ever be misconstrued as journalism. He shouldn't be held to the same standards that say Ric Bucher or Marc Stein should be held to. The whole point to his column is he takes it from a sports fan's perspective, which includes (and it seems that this happening more often than not, especially with the Boston teams being on top of the world) being biased on certain topics rather than look at a subject objectively. This column though in particular was fairly grating because anyone who was familiar with him knew that he favored Durant over Oden and beat the topic into the ground even before the draft. Then this column came out and served as a longwinded "I told you so" to everyone in Oden's camp and he spent the whole article patting himself on the back. Really as a basketball fan (which he really is, once you take away his biases and the fact that his brain has been turned to mush over the last few years), he should've been mourning the fact that it could symbolize the loss of a really great basketball talent and a good guy in general the public could get behind (but hopefully Oden comes back healthy). But the larger argument still stands, why are you just reacting to this article now? It came out about 5 months ago.
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