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Default Re: LosBulls' Thoughts on his team

Maybe it's out of the respect Rose has for his teammates that he's not coming back.

Let's be real, if he comes back now, and the Bulls lose the series, people will blame him. If he doesn't come back and they lose the series, people will blame him. The only acceptable outcome for pretty much all of the critics is them winning this playoff series with Rose. Rose knows that, and that's a ton of pressure.

They have a good thing going now. I honestly think adding Rose mucks everything up for them. This hasn't been handled well by any involved party. The team threw him under the bus by putting it all on him. If Rose was demonstrating lack of confidence to the organization, they should've just shut him down and said it was their decision. That's your star player, protect him and his image.

That said, Rose is also handling this badly by leading people on, but it's best that he sits out IMO.

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